Yahoo! Discontinuing Delicious?

Some of you have probably heard that Delicious is possibly going to be turned off by Yahoo!. One of my favorite mashups examples is using Delicious to create ‘link rolls.’ In fact link rolls power the links pages on both this and my other book site. So the question now is what the heck do I do?

Well, first I’m all for petitioning Yahoo! to open source Delicious so that it can not online live on, but probably get more development attention than Yahoo! ever gave it. If you like this idea you can try to get that to happen by participating in this petition (click the flame to the right or this link).

Next, I recommend that you backup your links now and regularly while we wait to see what is going to happen to Delicious.

Finally, some colleagues have already switched to Diigo, a tool that I tried a while ago but ended up leaving to return to Delicious. It looks like I’ll be giving it another shot now that it might be my only option. For this post I did a search on Diigo to see if I could use it for my mashups still and have found that I can. Diigo offers linkrolls just like Delicious did. I haven’t tested them at all, but this is promising to say the least.

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  1. Owen Leonard
    Owen Leonard at |

    Someone at Delicious says it’s not the end:

  2. Nicole C. Engard
    Nicole C. Engard at |

    Glad to hear, but I have yet been able to read that post because I keep getting an error page.

    I of course still vote to make it open source since Delicious gets nearly no attention from Yahoo! as it stands no anyway.

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