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This directly from OCLC:

Now anyone and everyone can create apps and mash-ups using library data from WorldCat, the world’s largest library catalog. Because the WorldCat Basic API is here!

This new API is a simplified version of the WorldCat Search API. Send it RESTful URI queries in OpenSearch, and it retrieves results in RSS or Atom. The WorldCat Basic API can support up to 1,000/queries per day for noncommercial use. In addition, the WorldCat Basic API provides:

Learn more about the API at the OCLC website.

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  1. MJ Ray
    MJ Ray at | says it can only be used solely for “managing and enabling access to: (i) library services, library materials, library resources and information related thereto; and/or (ii) services, materials, resources or information of interest to library patrons.”

    So the above quote seems true only if “anyone and everyone” is librarians. I know librarians are important, but there’s a lot of things which could be done with WorldCat data outside libraries.

    And there’s an anti-Commercial clause too. So that API is only for the rich who don’t need to earn money from their work. Boo!

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