Library Mashups Podcast & Competition

Last week I was on the Library 2.0 Gang talking about mashups and this book. There were some awesome mashup ideas talked about during the call. One that has stuck with me was a way to grab reading lists from all libraries in your area so you can see what books are best for your kid.

Another really awesome idea mentioned letting patrons geocode your library to create a map that patrons could use their cell phones to follow. Basically patrons go around the library and geocode different Dewey areas and then share it with the public. In the end anyone with a cell phone can use the GPS in it to find where books are in your library.

If you have an awesome mashup idea you can win a copy of Library Mashups! Just share your idea with the gang and we’ll vote.

Competition  This month’s show launches the Library 2.0 Gang Mashup Idea competition.  To enter you need to send in your idea for a library mashup.  It can be as simple or complex as you like.  The only restriction being that it must include library data or functionality somewhere within it.  The best three, as judged by Nicole Engard and myself, will each receive a copy of the Library Mashups book she has edited.  Closing date is August 31st, send your entries to

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