Creating Mobile Mashups

Jason Clark, Library Mashups chapter author, shared a link to a series of articles about using HTML5 to create mobile mashups via his Google Buzz page. I thought that this series would be perfect to share with you all here. The following is the summary of the series:

HTML 5 is a very hyped technology, but with good reason. It promises to be a technological tipping point for bringing desktop application capabilities to the browser. As promising as it is for traditional browsers, it has even more potential for mobile browsers. Even better, the most popular mobile browsers have already adopted and implemented many significant parts of the HTML 5 specification. In this five-part series, you will take a closer look at several of those new technologies that are part of HTML 5, that can have a huge impact on mobile Web application development. In each part of this series you will develop a working mobile Web application showcasing an HTML 5 feature that can be used on modern mobile Web browsers, like the ones found on the iPhone and Android-based devices.

Check out part one (with links to all of the other parts).

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