Chapter 11 Update

While doing a check of the links in the book I have found that the service mentioned in chapter 11, ‡, is no longer available or supported. All links from this chapter will be removed and the chapter page updated accordingly.

WordPress Plugins Unsupported

I received a message the other day informing me of a change to the contents of the book. In Chapter 8 there is mention of a few WordPress plugins that are no longer supported. I contacted the original team at Libraries Interact and they shared this message with me: At this time, we are unable […]

Book Errata: Page 127

Book Errata: Page 127

I haven’t read through the entire book yet, but I did notice that on page 127 there is a screenshot error. The printers have been informed and future printings will be correct, but for those of you who got the first batch of books here is the correct screenshot.