2nd Edition News

More Library Mashups Ebooks

I am happy to announce that More Library Mashups is now available for purchase on the Information Today website and all of the major ebook platforms: Information Today website Amazon Kindle Kobo Chegg (purchase or rental) Nook: (coming soon)

Second Edition Cover Finalized

Second Edition Cover Finalized

The galley is due on my desk shortly! But in the mean time enjoy a peek at the cover for our 2nd edition!

More Library Mashups Submitted

Just wanted to let you all know that More Library Mashups has gone off to Information Today Inc for final editing!! We still have a ways to go, but things are moving along nicely and on time. For now you can check out the table of contents for this upcoming book here.

More Library Mashups Table of Contents

I have updated this site with the preliminary table of contents for the upcoming second edition!  Check it out and remember if you or a friend is using DPLA at your library in a mashups I’m still open to adding a chapter on that topic.


The table of contents for More Library Mashups is ready and the authors working hard, but I am wondering if any of you mashup fans are planning on using the DPLA API at your library? Or maybe you’re just studying the API closely enough to be able to explain how it could be used in […]

Call for Chapters: More Library Mashups

Library Mashups has been a huge success and has touched so many of you, and now it’s time to start thinking about the second edition! In 2014 Information Today Inc. will be publishing the second edition of Library Mashups entitled More Library Mashups. This edition will have new stories from some of the authors you […]