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More Library Mashups

After the guest post last week, I got this email about more library mashups! Will Kurt, Applications Development Librarian at University of Nevada, Reno is working on two mashup projects that he will soon release into the wild: I have 2 projects in the works that I thought you might be interested in: The first […]

Library Mashup Success Story: Using importXML to scrape the OPAC

The following is a guest post from Kim Gormley. I’m a librarian at the West Chester Public Library who’s just beginning to teach myself some programming, inspired by the projects in Library Mashups and elsewhere. Thank you for compiling such a great resource – I never thought I would be excited about coding! I’d like […]

Mashup Excel Data with Google Maps

There are are many ways to create Google Maps for integration in your library website. The newest edition to this list of map making tools is BatchGeo. Using this tool you can enter address info into an Excel Spreadsheet and paste it into BatchGeo and generate a Google Map. After you have created your map, […]

Trulia Adds Apartment Search

In my mashups workshops I teach attendees about Trulia. It only makes sense that I update you all (those who have attended my workshops) on the fact that Trulia is now adding apartment listings and other rental listings. This from the press release: (, smart real estate search to help consumers make better decisions, […]

Mashups 5 Years Old

Programmable Web had a post a couple weeks about announcing the 5th birthday of the first web mashup: Five years ago Paul Rademacher reverse engineered Google Maps to put Craigslist homes and rentals on a map on his site. The site essentially pre-launched the map mashup category, because there was no Google Maps API at […]

More Social Mashable Content

A new service was announced by Mashable that will give us access to even more social data for mashing up: Today, Yahoo is releasing a new service: Firehose, a real-time, searchable index of social content aggregated from around the web. Accessible via YQL, Yahoo’s SQL-like query language, the Firehose will gather data from status updates, […]

Enhanced Google Maps Mashups

Today I taught a workshop on mashups and told the attendees that a map mashup is the easiest kind of mashups to create. This is true – but with a bit more work you can create a fancy map mashup for you site. This tutorial by Peter Steen Høgenhaug helps you do more with your […]

A Google Maps Mashup with PHP/MySQL

Today I found this awesome tutorial that I think will help some of you create more detailed Google Map Mashups. This tutorial is intended for developers who are familiar with PHP/MySQL, and want to learn how to use Google Maps with a MySQL database. After completing this tutorial, you will have a Google Map based […]

WorldCat API News

This directly from OCLC: Now anyone and everyone can create apps and mash-ups using library data from WorldCat, the world’s largest library catalog. Because the WorldCat Basic API is here! This new API is a simplified version of the WorldCat Search API. Send it RESTful URI queries in OpenSearch, and it retrieves results in RSS […]

10 Cool Google Map Mashups

I found this awesome list of 10 Cool Google Map Mashups on NerdModo. Some are pretty useful like the mileage between two spots – others are just silly like if you started digging where would you end up? Check out the entire list on NerdModo.